Mercalli Light

Mercalli Light V1 Light

Analyzes frames on video clips

Mercalli Light is a software program for analyzing frames on a video clip. This program stabilizes any shaking or tracking of an object in a frame by repositioning the entire image to compensate for the error.

It is has simple, fully automated features and intuitive controls for you to make specific recommendations or achieve what you really want without having to battle with complex mathematical theories.

This program also lets you view the analysis of the video footage and provides suggestions for further improvements in your work. Mercalli Light allows consistent integration of the plugin for maximum use.

It can be used directly with your video editing program. This program will also run in real-time, integrated with standard multi-core support.

It uses all of your system’s capacity as an optimum solution for future hardware upgrades. Mercalli Light can be used by video editors, video analyzers and other professionals for reducing camera shakes and smoothing objects on different video clips.

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